Vintage Slot Cars

Vintage Cars

If you were into racing slot cars in the early days, you probably had an Auto World catalog close by. You ordered everything you needed for hopping up your, to buying the latest cars from Aurora, Riggen, Dynamic, and Revell. Remember the La Cucaracha from Cox? How about those cool looking controllers from MRC? They had one called the Varipower that I wanted. But it was $8.98 which was way out of my range at 13 years old. I worked hard just to scrape up the $5.98 for the Parma 2 ohm I wanted. It was a great controller and I still use Parma controllers today. On this page you will find current listings for vintage slot cars in HO, 1/32, and 1/24 scale on ebay. Only “Buy Now” with Free Shipping are shown. And just Top Rated Sellers that accept Credit Cards are featured. The car you had as a kid is probably right here!

vintage slot cars

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