New Slot Cars including the latest digital slot race cars

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Probably one of the greatest comebacks in the hobby world is the once very popular slot car racing. As a result it has become even more popular because of all the technology that we have created since the hobby first began. The digital revolution has arrived in the world of slot cars. You can download an app and create and manage what's happening with your car using your smart phone! The well made cars from Carrera will allow you to manage up to six cars on the track at the same time. Also, Scalextric has bluetooth control allowing you you some very cool applications to add to the racing excitement. You can unlock features never before available when racing slot cars. The details on the car bodies are incredible. Even more so are the new designs they have been featuring. This year they have introduced the Delorean from "Back to the Future"! As a result, it's really a great time get into this very cool hobby!