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Finding other people to race, collect, and work on slot cars with, is a lot easier when you know where they are! There are actually more people who are now into slot cars than you would think. From the map you see where they are located. You can even zoom in for names and details. Find a store, join a club, or see where you can find a place to race. HOPRA and AWRA are really great associations to get involved with. Find events near you, read up on the racing rules, and get the latest news.

Locations of Commercial and ClubSlot Car Raceways Worldwide

slot car raceways and stores
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The H.O. Professional Racing Association (HOPRA) organizes races and racers. They put on a National Championship each year. If you love racing H.O. scale cars, this is the club you need to join.

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The American WOMP Racing Association's mission is to put together a nationally recognized set of rules that will be adopted by all racers tracks and clubs

Slot Car Racing [slät • kahr • ˈrā-siŋ]
noun (phrase) : 
slot (n.1) late 14c., "hollow at the base" (n.)
car (n)c. 1300, "wheeled vehicle," from Anglo-French "carre"
racing (v) c. 1300, from Old Norse "ras", 1670s, verbal noun from race
Definition:  What Batman and Robin do on their day off

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