Cars and Tracks for Slot Car Racing and Collecting

Cars and Tracks

You can't race these cool cars without a track. This is the finest selection of tracks available. Every price range is covered, so you'll be sure to find the right one. They all have additional track and accessories if you ever want to expand your layout. If you are ready to indulge in the finest made slot car tracks available, then you need to look at the tracks made by MaxTrax and Slot Mods. The tracks from MaxTrax are excellent quality and very smooth. High speed is what you can achieve on these tracks. And then you have Slot Mods. These tracks are the most highly detailed, realistic looking tracks in the world. Just take a look at one of their amazing videos below.

Carrera has been designing and building the most detailed slot car tracks and cars for over 50 years. They have precise scale accuracy, and fine attention to detail. Their huge selection of 1/32 scale cars are world famous. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche all look like like they just came from a real track complete with numbers, names, and sponsor decals. Carrera also has a race app that you can download to your smart phone, hook up the Carrera AppConnect to the control unit of the track and experience racing 2.0!

In 1939, Bentram Francis, started a business making tools in the UK. After World War 2, he decided to begin making something a little more fun, toys. It was then when he founded Minimodels Ltd. His new company produced tin plate Scalex and Startex clockwork cars. Soon, other model builders started building electric cars. They began using hand-built motors but for the most part , they used engines from model trains. In the 1950s London, Freddie Francis saw a display that showcased battery-powered cars. He thought that was great, but knew that it still was missing a key element: speed control. So in 1957, at the Harrogate Toy Fair, Francis entered a car racing kit that was an electric conversion of his Scalex clockwork cars and electricity, and thus, Scalextric was born.

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