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Racing slot cars with my brother and friends as a teenager was one of my best memories. Our track started out fairly small until a local department store had a "going out of business" sale. We went there with our mom and wandered over to the toy section. What I saw almost made me faint. There were bundles of Aurora track pieces, curves, straight, banks, s-curves, and bumps all marked at 19 cents for each bundle. The bundles contained 6 pieces each. I told my brother to guard them all while I got my mom to give us some money. Well, we bought them all!

Now we had enough track for a big 4 lane layout. We had 2 transformers, one for each 2 lanes. It was great. We had all of our friends racing with us all the time. Then we held a race that lasted for 10 weeks. Each Saturday we started out with time trials. The fastest 4 were in that weeks race. There was a $1.00 entrance fee. Each race day the driveway had bikes everywhere and moms pulling up in station wagons dropping kids off. My Mom was starting to realize we were going to need snacks and refreshments. It was a great time. We made enough money to give prizes out to the top 5, and I still had enough left over to pay for my class ring and senior photos!

This is a site where you will find lots of slot car related material. Buy some new stuff or just relive some great memories. There are clubs, literature, cars, tracks, power units and controllers. Listings for vintage cars will be updated daily, so you will probably be able to find that car that you, or your Dad raced. If there are any other slot car related links you think I should add here, send an email and I will get it listed.

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