Slot car racing is back again and man caves will never be the same

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In the 1960s slot cars were all the rage. To most kids,  these weren’t just racing toy cars, this was serious business! Tune-ups, fresh tires, and a great controller, were the keys to winning races. There was even a segment on the Johnny Carson Show for a national slot car championship finale. The winner (a 12 year old!) won a 1963 Thunderbird convertible, a real one! World famous British Formula One driver, Stirling Moss, handed him the keys! But technology has come a long way since then. From digital slot car racing, to the screaming fast 1/64 HO cars using high power magnets. You can even experience slot car racing in virtual reality! Whether you’ve been racing for years, or just getting started, here you’ll find the best collection of new and vintage slot cars, tracks, accessories, and reference material all in one spot. You can even find a club to join, or enter a race to see how you stack up with slot car enthusiasts. Get ready Man Caves, because there’s a new ‘old’ toy in town!

The attention to realism with new manufacturing techniques, have made the detail on new cars incredible! Carrera and Scalextric lead the way for the 1/32 scale cars. HO scale cars by AFX are the most popular, but for speed, Wizzard and BSRT are hard to beat.

For those of you who grew up in the '60s, Aurora, Cox, Tyco, Eldon, and Ninco were some of the top names you would see advertised in the 'Bible' of slot car catalogs, Auto World. If you lived in the sticks, with no local raceway, that is where you shopped.

Most slot car racers had tracks made by Eldon, Revell, Tyco, or Aurora. The most popular HO track brand, Aurora, had lots of accessories, and many different size track sections. You could really build some nice layouts with the Aurora brand.

12 Volts DC has been the most used power output since the beginning of slot car racing. But with the newer engines, upgrading your power supply is a must. Names like Wanptek, Kungber, and Dr. meter, and others may not sound familiar, but they're the ones to look for.

The slot car controller brand that has been around the longest has been Parma. And for good reason. They feel great to hold, the triggers are smooth, and you can change out the resistors easily enough to modify for different track configurations.

Lap Counters and Timers is just another step in building your track layout. If you are simply looking to keep track of counting laps, you can find analog as well as digital counters. But for some serious racing, adding a digital timer is a must.